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Republicans Can’t Defend Trump’s Corrupt Abuses of Power: A Closer Look

Republicans Can’t Defend Trump’s Corrupt Abuses of Power: A Closer Look

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Traffic with SEO

marketing business video training

How to get more traffic with SEO
SEO Intro
There are several different categories that are related to the different targets available such as image search, local search, video search, academic search, news search, and any industry specific vertical search.
The SEO provides a great marketing strategy, whereby it considers how search engines work, and what people need, in terms of information, services etc., and then works towards providing the relevant information based on its target audience.
The SEO is supposed to function as a virtual search engine, optimizing relevant information on behalf of a broad client list to ensure all possible and related information is available at the touch of a button or the click of a mouse.
However, there is also a down side to the SEO known as the black hat SEO. This is really a poisoning tool, also known as spamdexing which can lead to problems which can sometimes be very serious indeed.

This is a very serious problem because much of today’s every system functions on some sort of computerized element and thus can be susceptible to negative elements.

The spamdexing usually tags onto keywords, links, or other article spinning to degrade, alter, or corrupt the search. Certain exercises are usually put in place to detect and remove these negative elements.

In the ever fast pace of today’s business world, almost every individual depends heavily on the internet to source for the latest information in the shortest amount of time possible.
SEO will then consequently ensures the said content is disseminated and socialized and generally create the web
presence needed to ensure its staying power.

If the idea of integrating SEO into the business seems daunting, then perhaps generating as much interest as possible using other ways is also another way to use the SEO effectively.

Basically the people who are involved directly in the actual content or topic of the website would be the best people to comment or blog about the website. This then generates the artificial interest needed to boost the hits or visits to the site.

Thus encouraging all those linked to the website to undertake the SEO and web marketing campaigns would be in the best interest of boosting the website as their views would be based on firsthand knowledge. The more postings done on the site the better the exposure garnered.

Understanding the need to be listed or included in search engine and directory submission will allow an individual to decide if this particular avenue is worth pursuing.

Previously directories provided the valuable service of providing webmasters with new sites indexed or introducing links to create the popularity needed to a particular site.

However of late these services don’t seem to have the same impact or coverage it used to. The directories don’t seem to be as helpful in addressing these two arrears as affectively as in the past.

This coupled with the rising cost of submission fees have an individual’s listing done does cause a certain amount of apprehension on the part of the individual interested in being linked to the search engine and directory submission.

Generally the directories are used as a strategy to help build links to ensure traffic flow which in turn heightens the popularity factor and thus causes further attraction to the sight.

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Underpants – Genocide Ending (SPOILERS)

*Heartless Frisk singing MEGOLOVONIO.* Now… we’m tired… Ya’ know, I done everything. I look over every book, I burned every book. I won every game, and We lost every game! We even unsubcribed and subscribed to Sr Pelo! But… We never ever could anticipate you! Now we’m tired of everything! Soooooooooooo~ LET’S SHOW THEM ALL… HOW THIS WORLD IS MEANT BECOME “KILL OR BE KILLED”! That’s why animals like us, we’dn’t wait to destroy both if we… got inside other’s way… So’s… Oh shi.. Nah, nah, keep going, keep going, keep going. No… many thanks. hey, hey, Hey! No, no, no! No, d-stop! Cannot touch me personally! We don’t touch you like that! hehe, just what’s the problem? NOT WANT-A TOUCH-A THE CHILD?!? A No.. Noo! NOOO! Heya! He, you’ve been busy, huh? Exactly What? Are you wanting a joke, or one thing? Anyway… I got a questio- Do you remember your dead brother? Uh… just what? Yeah… your good brother- WAAALUIGIIIII WARIOOO- Your stupid brothe- Many thanks for interupting me personally.. and… here’s a better concern. Do you wanna have a bad time? Hmmmmm, ok! This is why we never ever make promises.

It’s a beautiful day outside. The wild birds are singin- game over… just what!?! Heya HOW DARE YOU!?!? hehehe, Guess we’m decent at my job, huh? It’s a beaut- Ha, ha, ha! *breathes in & breathes out* ok okay, okay, okay, okay, OKAY Heheh. Examine your face. Oh wait, you can’t. hehehehe It’s a beautiful day outside… Yes! Ha ha! We’m still aliv- *breathes in* S-S-STOP, STOP!!! Hehehe It’s a beautiful day outside…

Hehe, on days like these, children like you- Wait. Should be burning in hell! Hah-haaa! Well, now it’s time for what you arrived for. SHUT UP!!! Exactly What? You are perhaps not alone whom can dodge! This is what you desired, right? You simply desired to get genocide… You never know exactly how it seems… once you understand that one day, this is going to end, and replay once again, and once again… Look, we quit trying to find a way out long time ago. …and i’m perhaps not talking about the surface, that doesn’t impress anymore. Cause even if we do, we return and do equivalent thing, without any memory.. We can’t offer everything! Every thing keeps replaying….

No-no-no- Or maybe… We can’t because i’m too sluggish… ehehe Hell if I know. All we know is… Well, why am we explaining? You are simply viewing. However… Ugh, wait wai-wait wait wait. Pay attention, listen. We know… I-I can feel somebody good there… someone that doesn’t wish this become the end. S–Someone… someone that wants progressively.. Come on buddy, pal, kiddo, friend! You never remember the memories? Allow’s forget this, okay? Pu-Put your gun down, and… well.. my job is going to be easier. Welp! We tried. You know… We was secretly hoping we could be one thing. …and possibly have some meals, keep viewing, laughing and making more memes. But that’s absurd, right? Haaa-HA- You are the kind of person whom won’t be pleased. Cause, you see… I’m geting actually tired.. and- You better stop attacking me personally…

Or We’ll be forced to make use of my spe- okay, We’ll demonstrate my special attack… But, you should endure the… SAAAAAAAAANS DAAAAAAAANSSSS!!!! Yes! Yes! YESS! Well… It’s time for my special attack. ALLAHU AKBAR Yep. It’s absolutely nothing. That means, it’s perhaps not going to be your turn ever. Therefore, we are gonna be here before end of time. No… No. NAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! Nope, you can’t strike me personally! It’s perhaps not your turn! Okay however’m gonna do absolutely nothing. Yeah, you better do absolutely nothing, caus- SIKE! Did ya think we – Ha, HA-Heh, ha! So…. We guess that’s it, huh? Just… never state we don’t warn you. Welp. I’ll Grillby’s. Papyrus… do you wish anything? How wondering.. You must be the one that Flow- get dunked on asgore a See? We never ever betrayed ya! IT’S SIMPLY A PRANK, BRO! After all it’s me personally, your best friend! We is helpful…

I-I can-I can help… I-I can… I…. Please don’t destroy me personally.. Yeeeessss Yeah-eh- Greetings. I’m Chara. Thanks. Your energy awakened me personally from death NONO! My “human soul”… My “determination”… They were not mine, but YOURS. At first… GET ME FROM HERE! GET ME away NONONONO!!!! SHUT UP! Now. Now we’ve reached the absolute. There is absolutely nothing left for us here. Let us erase this useless world, and proceed toward next. Right. You are a great partner. We’ll be together forever, won’t we? Interesting… You want to return? You want to return towards videos you destroyed…. Hmmmmmm… We can reach a compromise.

You still have one thing we want. Give it to me personally. And i’ll bring this world back. Then its agreed. You will offer me personally your SOUL… therefore will subscribe to Señor Pelo. Then, its done. STOP IT AND FIGHT! Special many thanks towards people whom assisted and still assisting with the subtitles, everybody are listed inside description!! No…? Hmmm… How wondering. You must have misunderstood. AS WHENEVER WERE YOU THE ONE RESPONSIBLE? Interesting. You want to return. You want to return towards videos you destroyed. We can reach a compromise. You still have one thing we want. Give it to me personally. And i’ll bring this world back. Then its agreed. You will offer me personally your SOUL… therefore will subscribe to Señor Pelo. Then, its done. Asgore: STOP IT AND FIGHT! Special many thanks towards people whom assisted and still assisting with the subtitles, everybody are listed inside description!! ☟☜ ⚐

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Mad Cleaning Mom

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Marketing business now a days training videos

white mural-architecture

Marketing business now a days training videos

Here for next 9 weeks marketing business training videos 

Thank you for you time and likes. Have a better than good day!

A controlled thought pattern.

“What  is  now  proven  was  at  one  time  only  imagined.  Desire  is  the
beginning point of all accomplishment, not a hope, not a wish, but a
great  throbbing  desire  which  surpasses  everything. An  opinion  is
presuming  something  to  be  true,  to  be  a  reality.  An  opinion  isn’t
stimulated, it’s produced by choice. An opinion about a thing’s being
isn’t the same as its existence.”
marketing business video training
Enjoy yourself today
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Surefire ways to boost business

Surefire ways to boost your business!

From starting the business to make it run smoothly requires a lot of dedication and sacrifice. Which means young or old, personal life will take some hits. Family and friends must be supportive as they must know what it takes to start a business and its effect on your family life. Lot of you may choose to have a job in the initial days of starting a business; this means all your spare time has to go for running the business.

magic smoke in your hand
Reinvent yourself with your brain

Strategic thinking

, as the name shows, isn’t about making a quick buck, it’s about seeing the big picture and planning for coming years. The immediate results might not be impressive, but in the long run, strategic thinking pays off. A reason for the perhaps-unimpressive immediate pay-off is that strategies, like masterpieces, take time to create, fine-tune and revise.

Know you field be smart concentrate on your outcome.

Make sure your great idea isn’t just a pipe-dream. All great thinkers should make sure that their idea is valid, that it’ll stand up in a world full of problems and changes. You need to constantly revise and fine-tune your plans.

This my friend is a surefire way to boost business.

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Future LiveStock Owner

Future LiveStock Owner

“Barnyard in Your Backyard: A Beginner’s Guide to Raising Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Poultry, Swine!”

Dear Future LiveStock Owner,
Would you live to grow your own livestock and poultry? Many years ago families relied on the ability to grow their own livestock. Today many families have moved away from this lifestyle and the secrets to the care of livestock and poultry have been greatly diminished.
Raising livestock and poultry can be relaxing as well as rewarding.
You may think it is impossible to learn to how to care for livestock and poultry correctly; but it is not.
You too; however, can easily learn how to care for livestock and poultry in order to reach your goals. Without the right tools and information, it could take you years and cost you a small fortune to discover the secrets of successful care of livestock and poultry; however. Instead of spending a fortune on so-called experts or knocking yourself out with the old trial and error method, there is an easier way to achieve your goals.
Now there’s good news ….
I won’t deny that there are a ton of books out there on the elements of the care of livestock and poultry. Unfortunately the problem with most books on the subject is that they are either filled with plenty of promises and no solid techniques and strategies to back up those promises or they contain only one or two pieces of useful information and not a comprehensive look at everything you need to know to succeed.
Introducing …

Profitable Livestock !
Profitable Livestock breaks the mold of all the other books you have heard and read about. It presents solid, proven steps to help you learn how to care for livestock and poultry.
Sounds too good to be true?
It’s not and I can prove it with Profitable Livestock.
But, first a word of introduction.
My name is Clifford Petry. A few years ago I found myself in a situation not too different from your own. I desperately wanted to learn how to care for livestock and poultry. Unfortunately, my results were dismal. I knew I had to do something if I wanted to achieve all of the music goals I had set.
The only problem was that I had no clue where to start.
None of the books I had read on livestock and poultry had been able to solve my problem. Some of them were so mired down in fancy words and technicalities that it was a miracle I ever got past the first chapter! Others might have passed on a helpful hint or two, but did not solve my problems. One night I realized what I really needed was a comprehensive guide on everything to do with livestock and poultry care.
That’s when it hit me!
If I couldn’t find a comprehensive guide on livestock and poultry care, then why not create my own? I was tired of flipping back and forth through tons of books for the few bits of information that could help me; but I reasoned that if I put all those little tidbits of info together then I might actually be able to begin understanding the secrets to livestock and poultry care.
The next morning I furiously began to read through all of the livestock and poultry books that I had purchased over the past three years and take down the pertinent notes. I didn’t stop there either. I swallowed my pride and enlisted the help of several professional acquaintances who were known for farming and ranching.
It took awhile to sort through all of the information I had gathered and compile the notes I received from the experts I consulted, but when I was finished I sat back and was completely stunned.
Right here in front of me was the information that I had been seeking all along!
From the notes I had taken from several articles on the subject of livestock and poultry care, as well as my own interviews, I had comprised a comprehensive compendium on the subject of livestock and poultry care.
“I sat back in stunned amazement!”Future LiveStock Owner
It was all there!






Then I decided to try an experiment and put all of my hard work to the test.
“Suddenly, I was excited!”
I absolutely could not believe the difference. Suddenly it was all so clear! I could easily understand everything without having to wade through a mountain of fancy words and difficult to understand terms.
What happened next was nothing short of amazing!
These strategies not only worked, but the results were completely astonishing. I was completely able to understand all of the great works that had previously seemed so confusing.
As my success with livestock and poultry care grew, I started to feel guilty. I knew there were a lot more people out there who wanted the same solutions I had found. Somehow, it just didn’t seem right to keep it to myself.
One night as I made some changes to my book, I wondered how many other people might have the same problem? After all, if I couldn’t find a decent livestock and poultry care manual, what were the chances anyone else could? Given the tremendous success I had encountered using my manual; I was sure that other people could take the same easy to read and understands strategies and achieve success as well.
Right now you’re probably thinking, “Yeah, right. There’s a ton of farming books out there. What makes you and your book so different?”
I won’t deny for a minute that there are some good farm and ranch books out there-after all I’ve read most of them, if not all of them. The difference, however; is that my book blows all the others out of the water because it doesn’t just focus on one area of the game.
You get everything you need to understand livestock and poultry care.
Nothing, absolutely nothing, is left out.
All the fundamentals are there:






I am so confident that you will love this special report that I am offering my ironclad:
100% Money Back Guarantee

Here’s How to Get Started:
Yes! I want to learn how care for poultry and livestock with Profitable Livestock! I know this is a limited time offer and may never be available again!
Please send me Profitable Livestock right away!
Special Offer – $27 for next 20 orders only!

I understand my purchase is completely protected by Clifford Petry 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. I have 60 days to test drive the techniques and strategies presented in Profitable Livestock and if I am not completely convinced that it is hands-down the best livestock and poultry care book on the market, then I am entitled to a 100% refund of my purchase price.
Clifford Petry
P.S.You’ll be amazed at how simple and easy it is to learn how to care for poultry and livestock with Profitable Livestock. Please fill out form below message me Livestock eBook.

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Raising Children Who Succeed


Children Who Succeed Is The Key

It is one of the most powerful things any person alive can do, to choose to raise a child. Whether he or she is a genetically related child or one you have gained from another family, a child is a life long commitment. It’s worse than a puppy!

There is a well known saying that to have a child is to wear your heart forever outside your body. TO some extent that is true. Think teenage angst was bad? It’s noting on the first time you have to deal with your own child’s heartbreak!

With our busy lives it is so easy to become geared up to making sure our children have all the essentials covered, such as food, shelter, learning to read and write, and all those important jobs done, that we forget that so much of what our children need us for is for us to impart a spark of desire in them to succeed, to become all they were made to be.

It’s the drive of many parents to watch their child surpass them in their life in some way. Whether it is with a talent, a discovered passion, or their standard of living, children should be able to combine what they learn from our mistakes, and our life lessons with the lessons and opportunities they themselves face and collate them together to succeed.

To have a successful child we need to create a childhood that breeds success. The best part about this is it doesn’t cost you thousands of dollars in private school fees or in plenty of extra curricular activities. In fact with just a little time, some listening and a whole lot of talking you can beat those things in most part hands down.

Helping a child succeed in today’s world is a little different than it was a few generations ago. Back then, it was considered wise to teach your child to become a salary and wage earner, working in a stable job from the moment they left school until retirement. Success was measured by how long you stayed in the same job. Consistency and stability were the favored attributes.

Then it was all about working your way up, about starting out in the business, any business and working your way up to the top, not worrying about whose toes you may step on the way.

More recently things have changed. The more recent generations coming out of school accept they will probably have at least four to five career changes over the course of their life. They know how to flaunt their talents and sell themselves and aren’t too scared to do it.

These kids, the ones who succeed today, are good at finding the gaps in the market and driving towards them. They’ll walk from a job that doesn’t offer them a good mix of lifestyle opportunities, perks and career advancement. They often prefer to work to contract than be tied to a permanent position. Security and consistency aren’t words in their employment vocabulary.

This is important t understand as you look at raising your own children. This current generation seeking employment may have different attributes than the one your child will be in, but it’s likely to be more in mine with how it will be than the generations of your parents and of yourself.

Our children today are growing up with a very different world view than the one we once had. They want to be self employed, own their own businesses, and pursue creative endeavors. While of course some children still veer to traditional roles, the majority of children feel attracted to roles that were previously seen as just for those creative types. Even jobs in IT can be incredibly interactive and creative, and children in our technological ages are attracted to them.

How Do We Define Success?


Of course simply said, our child is a success if they grow to be healthy, happy and able to be independent of us. However for most of us, while we say that is all we want for our children, it’s not all we expect from them


Take a moment to look at your own life/ How do you measure your own success? Is it through the type of possessions you own, the work you do, the way you life your life? Is it your relationships, your children? Think about what you feel is a success in your life and write them down.


The amazing thing about parenting is that we teach our children even when we don’t mean to. So that list of your own successes are important. It gives you a starting point of what your child is already learning form you about what is important in your life, and they will follow it.


Once you have created your lists read over it once more and think about how you learnt those elements of success. Put them into groups – emotional, spiritual, and physical and economics. This report will help look at all of these as a group, but it’s important to consider them individually to begin with.


We all have different areas that we consider are the moment important to measure our success in. For some finding one person to spend the rest of your life with, raising children together, maybe the pinnacle of your success. For another it maybe growing a business and becoming the CEO of a world wide organization, and for another it may be working with a group of people who need the services f someone committing a lifetime of free work alongside them. All of these are important. All of them add to the world we live in.


TO create a successful child, we need first to recognize that success isn’t just about being the richest child on the block. It’s about awakening the inert dreams and hopes each one of our children hold inside their heart and bringing them to life. If we do this, then our children will succeed.


While our children will copy us, and follow us, they are not carbon copies of us. Even if you’ve come from a long line of doctors, and you yourself are one, it doesn’t mean your daughter is going to be the same. Once we have worked out how WE measure success and what values we want to share with our children through our modeling of those measures, we then need to acknowledge they are a separate person from us, and still may go a completely different route.


The precise nature of how they show their success isn’t as important as how they carry out any task before them. The skills we need to run an NGO in a third world country are very similar to those of running a business or a home. It’s just placing them in a different context.


To succeed children need to be able to work with a wide range of people (have good people management and leadership skills), to be able to identify a problem and then also have an idea of how they can go about solving it. This combination is a winning success formula suitable to a variety of ways your child may display their success.


Children need our expectations and our ability to call out of them positive attributes, but they don’t need us to carve out a specific future for them. They are able, even at a young age to do that themselves.

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Tips to Prepare for a New WordPress Site

Tips to Prepare for a New WordPress Site

Although WordPress was initially created as a platform for bloggers, it has grown into one of the most popular websites for artists, business owners, writers, and more.
Because of its ease of use, affordability, and array of themes and plugins, companies all over the world are turning to WordPress for their professional website needs.
Getting started on your own WordPress website is relatively simple, but the following tips will help you prepare beforehand:

1. Figure out What Layout and Color Scheme You Want: There are thousands of professionally-created themes you can choose from on WordPress.

Take to time to peruse as many as you like to get an idea of the type of layout you want your website to have. For color schemes, many businesses will typically choose their store or brand colors, but feel free to also decide on something that’s eye-catching yet appropriate for your industry.

2. Decide What Type of Content You Want on Your Page: It’s a good idea to decide on the type of content you want on your page beforehand so that you’ll have a description in mind of how you want your website to be.

For example, you’ll probably want to create content on your services, products, business hours, location, and any frequently asked questions. Additionally, however, think about blog topics, industry-relevant tips, and tutorial content that would benefit your website.

3. Decide How Blog Posts Will be Laid Out: Blogs are an important part of a business website and should be placed prominently so that consumers can easily find it. Once you’ve figured out your layout design, choose a space in the layout that would be ideal for your blog posts.

Some companies choose to place their blog posts on a sidebar (see below for more details) of the main webpage while others place them at the top. Wherever you decide to place your blog posts, make sure that it’s easy for others to access.

4. Decide if You Want a Sidebar: A sidebar is a unique way to prominently place important information on the left-hand or right-hand side of a website.

As previously mentioned, a sidebar can be used to categorize your blog posts, but it can also be used to put your product information, archives, and photos in order.

In addition, sidebars provide a place for your widgets, such as calendars, social network sharing, and more.

5. Decide Who Will Design Your Site: WordPress has several different themes to choose from. However, if you need a site customized specifically how you want it, you’ll need to decide on a web designer; preferably a professional who is experienced in WordPress design.

How about a 1 click solution? We have one here With WP Freshstart you can launch WordPress site in just 1- Click . The software automatically adds legal pages and disclaimers, creates about us, contact us and even installs many must have plugins and themes. No more wasting time setting up WP sites, click and DONE.

software wp fresh start