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Underpants – Genocide Ending (SPOILERS)

*Heartless Frisk singing MEGOLOVONIO.* Now… we’m tired… Ya’ know, I done everything. I look over every book, I burned every book. I won every game, and We lost every game! We even unsubcribed and subscribed to Sr Pelo! But… We never ever could anticipate you! Now we’m tired of everything! Soooooooooooo~ LET’S SHOW THEM ALL… HOW THIS WORLD IS MEANT BECOME “KILL OR BE KILLED”! That’s why animals like us, we’dn’t wait to destroy both if we… got inside other’s way… So’s… Oh shi.. Nah, nah, keep going, keep going, keep going. No… many thanks. hey, hey, Hey! No, no, no! No, d-stop! Cannot touch me personally! We don’t touch you like that! hehe, just what’s the problem? NOT WANT-A TOUCH-A THE CHILD?!? A No.. Noo! NOOO! Heya! He, you’ve been busy, huh? Exactly What? Are you wanting a joke, or one thing? Anyway… I got a questio- Do you remember your dead brother? Uh… just what? Yeah… your good brother- WAAALUIGIIIII WARIOOO- Your stupid brothe- Many thanks for interupting me personally.. and… here’s a better concern. Do you wanna have a bad time? Hmmmmm, ok! This is why we never ever make promises.

It’s a beautiful day outside. The wild birds are singin- game over… just what!?! Heya HOW DARE YOU!?!? hehehe, Guess we’m decent at my job, huh? It’s a beaut- Ha, ha, ha! *breathes in & breathes out* ok okay, okay, okay, okay, OKAY Heheh. Examine your face. Oh wait, you can’t. hehehehe It’s a beautiful day outside… Yes! Ha ha! We’m still aliv- *breathes in* S-S-STOP, STOP!!! Hehehe It’s a beautiful day outside…

Hehe, on days like these, children like you- Wait. Should be burning in hell! Hah-haaa! Well, now it’s time for what you arrived for. SHUT UP!!! Exactly What? You are perhaps not alone whom can dodge! This is what you desired, right? You simply desired to get genocide… You never know exactly how it seems… once you understand that one day, this is going to end, and replay once again, and once again… Look, we quit trying to find a way out long time ago. …and i’m perhaps not talking about the surface, that doesn’t impress anymore. Cause even if we do, we return and do equivalent thing, without any memory.. We can’t offer everything! Every thing keeps replaying….

No-no-no- Or maybe… We can’t because i’m too sluggish… ehehe Hell if I know. All we know is… Well, why am we explaining? You are simply viewing. However… Ugh, wait wai-wait wait wait. Pay attention, listen. We know… I-I can feel somebody good there… someone that doesn’t wish this become the end. S–Someone… someone that wants progressively.. Come on buddy, pal, kiddo, friend! You never remember the memories? Allow’s forget this, okay? Pu-Put your gun down, and… well.. my job is going to be easier. Welp! We tried. You know… We was secretly hoping we could be one thing. …and possibly have some meals, keep viewing, laughing and making more memes. But that’s absurd, right? Haaa-HA- You are the kind of person whom won’t be pleased. Cause, you see… I’m geting actually tired.. and- You better stop attacking me personally…

Or We’ll be forced to make use of my spe- okay, We’ll demonstrate my special attack… But, you should endure the… SAAAAAAAAANS DAAAAAAAANSSSS!!!! Yes! Yes! YESS! Well… It’s time for my special attack. ALLAHU AKBAR Yep. It’s absolutely nothing. That means, it’s perhaps not going to be your turn ever. Therefore, we are gonna be here before end of time. No… No. NAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! Nope, you can’t strike me personally! It’s perhaps not your turn! Okay however’m gonna do absolutely nothing. Yeah, you better do absolutely nothing, caus- SIKE! Did ya think we – Ha, HA-Heh, ha! So…. We guess that’s it, huh? Just… never state we don’t warn you. Welp. I’ll Grillby’s. Papyrus… do you wish anything? How wondering.. You must be the one that Flow- get dunked on asgore a See? We never ever betrayed ya! IT’S SIMPLY A PRANK, BRO! After all it’s me personally, your best friend! We is helpful…

I-I can-I can help… I-I can… I…. Please don’t destroy me personally.. Yeeeessss Yeah-eh- Greetings. I’m Chara. Thanks. Your energy awakened me personally from death NONO! My “human soul”… My “determination”… They were not mine, but YOURS. At first… GET ME FROM HERE! GET ME away NONONONO!!!! SHUT UP! Now. Now we’ve reached the absolute. There is absolutely nothing left for us here. Let us erase this useless world, and proceed toward next. Right. You are a great partner. We’ll be together forever, won’t we? Interesting… You want to return? You want to return towards videos you destroyed…. Hmmmmmm… We can reach a compromise.

You still have one thing we want. Give it to me personally. And i’ll bring this world back. Then its agreed. You will offer me personally your SOUL… therefore will subscribe to Señor Pelo. Then, its done. STOP IT AND FIGHT! Special many thanks towards people whom assisted and still assisting with the subtitles, everybody are listed inside description!! No…? Hmmm… How wondering. You must have misunderstood. AS WHENEVER WERE YOU THE ONE RESPONSIBLE? Interesting. You want to return. You want to return towards videos you destroyed. We can reach a compromise. You still have one thing we want. Give it to me personally. And i’ll bring this world back. Then its agreed. You will offer me personally your SOUL… therefore will subscribe to Señor Pelo. Then, its done. Asgore: STOP IT AND FIGHT! Special many thanks towards people whom assisted and still assisting with the subtitles, everybody are listed inside description!! ☟☜ ⚐

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Tips to Prepare for a New WordPress Site

Tips to Prepare for a New WordPress Site

Although WordPress was initially created as a platform for bloggers, it has grown into one of the most popular websites for artists, business owners, writers, and more.
Because of its ease of use, affordability, and array of themes and plugins, companies all over the world are turning to WordPress for their professional website needs.
Getting started on your own WordPress website is relatively simple, but the following tips will help you prepare beforehand:

1. Figure out What Layout and Color Scheme You Want: There are thousands of professionally-created themes you can choose from on WordPress.

Take to time to peruse as many as you like to get an idea of the type of layout you want your website to have. For color schemes, many businesses will typically choose their store or brand colors, but feel free to also decide on something that’s eye-catching yet appropriate for your industry.

2. Decide What Type of Content You Want on Your Page: It’s a good idea to decide on the type of content you want on your page beforehand so that you’ll have a description in mind of how you want your website to be.

For example, you’ll probably want to create content on your services, products, business hours, location, and any frequently asked questions. Additionally, however, think about blog topics, industry-relevant tips, and tutorial content that would benefit your website.

3. Decide How Blog Posts Will be Laid Out: Blogs are an important part of a business website and should be placed prominently so that consumers can easily find it. Once you’ve figured out your layout design, choose a space in the layout that would be ideal for your blog posts.

Some companies choose to place their blog posts on a sidebar (see below for more details) of the main webpage while others place them at the top. Wherever you decide to place your blog posts, make sure that it’s easy for others to access.

4. Decide if You Want a Sidebar: A sidebar is a unique way to prominently place important information on the left-hand or right-hand side of a website.

As previously mentioned, a sidebar can be used to categorize your blog posts, but it can also be used to put your product information, archives, and photos in order.

In addition, sidebars provide a place for your widgets, such as calendars, social network sharing, and more.

5. Decide Who Will Design Your Site: WordPress has several different themes to choose from. However, if you need a site customized specifically how you want it, you’ll need to decide on a web designer; preferably a professional who is experienced in WordPress design.

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